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I also teach yoga and meditation in english, I got experience both from courses taught in english and by teaching conferences and classes for international participants.

Yoga2Go means yoga in a setting determined by you - designed for your needs!


I provide competent teaching of yoga and/or meditation out of the house, called 'Yoga2go'- where you provide the surroundings and participants. It could for instance be at your company/gym/classroom and I then guide through a shorter or longer sessions of yoga and/or meditation. Together we find out how the teaching should be composed and for how long, and find the best conditions for your specific situation.


I also offer individual instruction, it may be, for example if you feel you are stuck in your training and need a little inspiration. It can also be you might have a desire to lose weight in a healthy and lasting way, and would like to be taught at home or individualy in a gym. This could be assisted with dietary advice and weighing.


Yoga and/or meditation might also be part of a corporate event, stag night eg. Your imagination is the only limit, but though with a certain level of seriousness. To a company, a school class or a sports club meditation can provide a break and bring renewed energy. The effect could be seen after a single session, but it is by repetition that changes will be felt most strongly, both physically and mentally. Yoga is a further opportunity to enhance the effect already after the first session.

It is possible to arrange a sequence of a given number of sessions, 1-2 times a week, where participants will be able to feel the progress in the poses and get more to a more advanced level. It may also be arranged as a single shorter or longer workshop, eg as part of an employee day, as team building or during a staff meeting. For example, the partner-yoga is recommended where you put two and two together and cooperate to perform around the poses - either with a certain degree of acrobatics, or where you help your partner to achieve greater stretch, more strength, etc. This form of yoga demands the ability to listen to one's partner, and is therefore less introspective than yoga usually tend to be.


Two examples of workshops could either be 2 hours of theory and practice of yoga and/or meditation, followed by a half-hour evaluation with healthy snacks. Or a 4-hour course in yoga theory and practice, with ½ hour break with healthy snacks before an hour of meditation theory and subsequently guided meditation.



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